So you want to be a medical/surgical educator

Here are some other things you can do regarding education skills:

At Ohio State

If you want to do some work on your own, the College has a CME site called FD4ME that focuses on medical education topics.



Regarding involvement:

Learning Communities – I used to direct this program. It is a College thing, as opposed to department of surgery. Dr. Brett Worly directs it now, and is always looking for leaders. It’s a rolling list, so if you know of others who would be interested, please let him know that as well.

Clerkship – We need folks to do professor conference weekly. (2 hour discussion with students) Katherine Ray will add your name to the list of folks to ask when those come up.


There are probably other things, but that’s all I can think of for now.

Ohio State Resources to help you learn about medical education and medical education research

Funding opportunities

Success in Academic Surgery: Developing a Career in Surgical Education

Journals that accept education papers. Others do as well.

Updated 4/24/2017

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