The Workshop

5-to-Thrive is a dynamic, highly practical, application-oriented and interpersonal leadership workshop for anyone who works with others. Throughout the program, we will dive deeply into a self-examination into our own interpersonal competencies, strengths and keeping ourselves well.

After an in-depth understanding of self, we will focus on how to take interpersonal skills and apply them in a team and workplace environment. You will gain knowledge of evidence-based skills and how you can leverage your own leadership skillset to add great value to your team, organization and career.

Workshop focus areas:

  1. Emotional & Social Intelligence (EQ): The proven and vital “People Skills” You Need to Succeed, at work, in relationships, and in your careers. You will take EQ assessment and develop an action plan.
  2. Workforce Engagement and a Strengths-Based Focus on Working in Teams. Through the use of the Gallup Strengthsfinder® assessment (included in price of workshop), we will find our own strengths and uncover ways to bring them to bear into our life more.
  3. Team Development and Dynamics: including how to help your team become a high performing team and avoid the all-too-often case of working on a dysfunctional team.
  4. Managing Stress and Maintaining Balance: Key strategies for optimizing personal health and well-being, and dreaming big and staying aligned with your purpose and passion
  5. Coaching and communicating in a confident and competent way. How to give and receive feedback.  A focus on tips to communicate – with technology, nonverbally, and verbally and better listening.

To learn more about the format and schedule of the workshop, please visit our schedule page. If you’re ready to sign up, click here to register!

“The session exceeded my expectations! As a new leader in a major medical center I was a little intimidated by all of my newly acquired responsibilities. This session gave me the tools that I needed to prioritize, motivate a clinical team, on-board new staff members, maintain a capital budget and have fun while doing it! I would definitely recommend this session for any clinical leader or team member. It will give you the necessary confidence to be successful in the ever dynamic, evidence-based world of healthcare.”