Back from the Darkness…

In May of 2017 I directed the final season of fieldwork (at least for now) in the Naqalimare region of the Sigatoka Valley, Fiji. This time we investigated the deposits inside Naihehe Cave.  Kyle Riordan (OSU Graduate Student in Anthropology) led the excavation of two test units in the cave, and collected samples for the analysis of sediment origin, deposition, and structure.  Excavations in Fiji were followed by two weeks of analysis at Idaho State University’s CAMAS lab, where Kyle directed the analysis of the sediments using elemental scanning microscopy.  Analyses at OSU’s laboratories are still ongoing– radiocarbon dates for charcoal layers discovered in the cave are coming soon!

It’s sabbatical time!

As of August 2016, I am on a one-year sabbatical.  I have dedicated the year to completing two manuscripts:  a textbook, co-authored with Dr. Joy McCorriston, dedicated to understanding world prehistory within the context of the Anthropocene, and a book focused on the prehistory, ecology, and recent history of the Fiji Islands.  That book is tentatively entitled, ‘Three Thousand Years in the Southwest Pacific’.  During the year I will be writing as much as possible from a quiet and cozy home in Port Ludlow, Washington.raven returns as salmonRaven returns as salmon, at the Jefferson County Library, Port Hadlock, Washington.