Zou, Mulin-PerPro

Who I am?

Hello guys, my name is Mulin Zou and I am from Beijing, China. As a boy, I actually have a wide range of hobbies, including soccer and animation. But my favorite is the train. In fact, I have been very interested in transportation since I was a child, but the train has always been my favorite. Since junior high school, I have been searching for the tracks of different trains in and around Beijing. Whether it is a normal-speed train or a high-speed train, cargo train, or passenger train. It can be said that every place where there is a railway in Beijing has my footprints.

Where I from?

I come from Beijing RDFZ Xishan School, where I spent three years of my high school. This is a public middle school located in Haidian District, Beijing. Although it is small and remote, Xishan also has a junior high school, a high school, and an AP project department. The scenery of Xishan is quite beautiful, with mountains and forests beside it, but there are a lot of mosquitoes at night, so be careful. The teachers here are very friendly, whether they are Chinese or foreign teachers. After school, we often meet to play together on the school football field. Here, I have left many of the best memories of youth.


Compared with my high school, OSU is simply a monster. Even in Beijing, I have never seen a university of this size. This is the reason why I chose Ohio State University. I believe that a huge campus can also have a strong academic atmosphere and a happy learning atmosphere. In addition to learning knowledge here (whether it is engineering, business, or social science), I also hope that I can exercise a strong physique. After all, OSU’s sports are world-famous, hahaha. I hope I can also leave good memories here. And I also hope that I can graduate successfully.