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Discuss whether or not these are good choices for you. Why or why not? How do these jobs compare to your intended major? How different or alike are they? Are you pleased with the salary? Is there a chance of making a better salary with more experience or education? How about satisfaction (or meaningfulness)? Do you think the level of satisfaction is more important than the salary?



he Business Analyst is a wonderful choice for me as the website,payscale, mentioned the job provides stable salary and most of the analyst receives comprehensive insurance which includes medical , dental and vision insurance. I am satisfied with the salary of this job. The payscale website illustrates that the median annual salary of the Business Analyst is $89,781. The basic cost for living with rent in NYC is about$3,968.73 per month according to Since the living cost of the NYC is one the highest in the world. I assume the job can provide me with enough salary. It is also mentioned,鈥?/span> senior Business Analysts enjoy their work and report High Levels of job satisfaction.鈥? The salary can also be increased with better individual performance. Business Analyst factor for salary: company though career length and geographic location plays an important role as well according to the data provided by PayScale’s salary survey participants


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Senior Software Engineer


So far as I know , the Senior Software Engineer gains a relative high salary. However the job requires people to stay focused in a long period and enough reliability on handling multitask problems. Work alone is common for the job.Another thing need to be mentioned is the workhours per week is low and usually people don`t have excessive work to do. Which means it left me with more leisure time for me to release my pressure and time to entertain my self.Also the web site mentioned,鈥?/span> Many of the jobs that they take on will be contracts that can be somewhat flexible.鈥?

Here are the Senior Software Engineer Tasks

  • Test and document software for client applications.
  • Mentor other employees in development methodologies.
  • Write, modify, and debug software for client applications.
  • Write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications, either stand-alone and those which access servers or services.
  • Use source debuggers and visual development environments

The prior working experience in the field or a bachelor’s degree in any of those fields is generally considered a plus. As for a senior engineer, the employee must have the ability to lead the entire group work on the same project efficiently.

The data on the website also shows that the gender is almost all consist of male with only 9% female in the entire field. The job satisfaction point has been given 5 out of 5 based on 1484 votes. The coverage of the medical insurance is 91%,Dental insurance is 83%,and the vision insurance is 74%.The job enviorment is very casual and the environment is low-stress according to the Senior Software Engineer in San Francisco.


Advise from the Peer

Connection between the two jobs and my major

Will I or not choose the job to be my future job


The future salary of the two jobs are attractive, but so far I have no programming experience before. Also I know none of the programming language mentioned in the So far as I know, it takes several years to have a profession in programming in a very basic stage,which I think is a waste of time.

My major is actuarial science. Actuarial Science is a major studying mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance.According to the google

鈥淎s in other branches of applied mathematics and engineering, improvements in the practice of programming require determined and meticulous application of methods of mathematical understanding, calculation and proof.鈥? from the

The similarity is that the programming needs mathematical understanding.