My Aviation Industry Cover Letter

To the entire aviation industry:

I am currently studying aviation at The Ohio State University.  It is here that I will receive all of the flight training necessary to get my first “for hire” job in the industry.  I am currently working towards my Private Pilots License, but I expect to continue on and get my instrument rating, commercial rating, instructor rating, and multi-engine endorsement.  Training to fly at The Ohio State University truly prepares one for a career as pilot in command, as they have a very thorough and demanding program which requires one to be the very best.

In the future, I plan on starting a career with a major airline, such as Delta Air Lines.  I feel that this job would be a good fit for me because of my life-long passion for aviation and flying airplanes, as well as my passion for traveling the world and exploring new places.  It takes a very special breed of person to want to make a career of spending time away from one’s home, family, and all things of a “normal” schedule; I am one of those people.

I look forward to meeting a lot of other great aviation enthusiasts throughout this journey.


Best Regards,
Joe Zona