The Second-Year Transformational Experience Program has had a great impact on me over this first semester of my sophomore year of college. I have met amazing people who create an inspiring sense of community in our group. My STEP mentor has had the biggest influence on my positive experience regarding this program and has been the one that fostered such a great environment with my peers. Through STEP, I have been able to explore myself and my future. I have learned the power and significance in stepping out of my comfort zone. And, I have explored the possibilities of a study abroad program. Study abroad was not at the top of my college to-do list. I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to many places in the United States, but I have never been out of the country. Therefore, traveling across the world makes me somewhat nervous. Participating in STEP has shown me the importance of embracing a new culture, stepping into the unknown, and taking advantage of all the amazing things this university and the world has to offer. Because of STEP, I have decided to apply to study abroad in May of 2020. I am so excited to embrace this opportunity to grow and learn more about myself and the world.

Mount Summit: 2018

The Mount Leadership Society Scholars holds an annual Leadership Conference for its members. This year, the focus of the conference was Collaboration. The keynote speaker was one of my favorite parts of the whole conference. Bill Dorenkott, director of swimming and diving at OSU, spoke on vital tools needed to become a better leader and collaborator. He was very engaging, personable, and his message spoke to everyone in the room, no matter their age or background. The conference also gave me the opportunity to connect with upper-class Mount Scholars and listen to two different women speak on their experiences and difficulties with collaboration in healthcare professions. I am very interested in pursuing a degree in the medical field, so it was very engaging for me to hear about and learn from their experiences. The tools and concepts emphasized at Mount Summit can and should be applied to everyone’s lives as we more forward. It helped teach me the importance of collaboration in the workplace and life in general. I will use this knowledge to better myself and pursue a successful future career. Hopefully, my actions can one day inspire others like the speakers and activities at Mount Summit inspired me.

Ohio University Physician Assistant Open House







I am involved in the Future Buckeye Physician’s Assistant Club here at OSU. Although I am undecided with my major, I joined this club because I am interested in the medical field and the physician assistant profession. I thought that this club would give me more exposure to the field and help me gain information and resources helpful to making a major choice. This club has definitely done that. In the short time I’ve been here, I already feel like I have gained more exposure to the profession. One opportunity I had to explore PA through this club is attending the Ohio University’s Physician Assistant school’s open house. I was probably the only freshman there and the only one who wasn’t sure they were going to be a PA, but I still found it very helpful to learn about the field and the specifics of what PA school entails. I got to tour the school and learn about the prerequisites, coursework, rotations, and much more. Overall, I enjoyed my visit and will use the knowledge gained to help me make a decision about my future career.