As a second year nursing student, I am just beginning my clinical experience with med-surg 1 on the general geriatric floor of the Wexner Medical Center. In these few short weeks, I have already learned so much about the nursing profession, and have gained many new skills. It is very helpful to practice these skills and observe the nursing profession in action. Not only practicing the technical skills, but also those of communication is extremely important in order to be a good nurse. I am very excited to learn more through clinical experience this semester and beyond.

Aside from clinical, I am also a certified Basic Life Support (BLS) provider and State-Tested Nurse’s Aid (STNA). These skills are imperative to know as Registered Nurse and area also requirements to start nursing school here at OSU.

While the health care skills and opportunities I have gained thus far are necessary to my profession, I have also learned skills of leadership through my involvement in the Mount Leadership Society Scholars. Through Mount, I have studied and attended seminars and meetings about communication, leadership, and citizenship. I have also had the opportunity to participate in many community service projects. These qualities I have gained and studied to be part of a good leader will be transferable in wherever my future career takes me. I also believe knowledge of these topics will set me apart from my peers.

My prior work experience includes a server at Guy’s Party Centre and Tennis Instructor at Springside Racquet and Fitness Club. As a server, I acquired skills of customer service, teamwork, and verbal communication while working in a fast-past and, at times, high pressure environment. As a tennis instructor, I gained the knowledge of how to communicate effectively and give constructive feedback in a confident manner. All of these skills of communication gained through my prior work experience will make me a better professional and team member in a future career.


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