• Global Awareness: I hope to participate in a study abroad experience. I have never been out the the country and truly believe that experiencing new cultures is very important and can be very eye-opening. I am excited that Ohio State has so many options to study abroad.
  • Original Inquiry: I have not participated in any research opportunities, but I hope to learn more about all that OSU has to offer in this area.
  • Academic Enrichment: I feel very fortunate to attend The Ohio State University with the amazing faculty and professors they have that truly want you to succeed. The majority of my professors here at OSU have been challenging and it is apparent that they want you to get the most out of their class. They push you to work hard and are willing to help you along the way. Specifically, for the nursing program, I will be participating in clinicals starting next semester. I will be getting real-world experience while working and learning from professionals in the field.
  • Leadership Development: As a part of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars, I am definitely working on building my leadership skills. Effective communication, organization, and accountability are a few of the many qualities I am learning through this amazing program. We practice these skills with our peers often by serving on committees and projects.
  • Service Engagement: I often participate in service opportunities at Ohio State and the Columbus community. Last year, through Mount I had the opportunity to plan and implement a service project that met the needs of an organization to impact the greater Columbus area. I volunteered on and off campus about once a month last year. This year, I volunteer at the Wexner Medical Center weekly and will be taking a course in the spring is centered around community service and engagement. I will be participating in a long-term service project for the semester at one service site that is assigned to me that focuses around a social justice issue. I also hope to become more involved in Buckeyethon. I attended the event last year and was truly inspired by it and hope to play a larger role in the organization in the future.