Ohio Vector-borne Disease Update 07/12/2019

As of 07/11/19, 5,389 of 5,642 pooled mosquito samples (170,866 Culex spp. total) have been tested and 7 samples were positive for West Nile virus (WNV) from Franklin (5), Ross (1) and Summit (1) counties. Below is a graph of the minimum infection rate (MIR) in Culex spp. mosquitoes collected in Ohio. As you can see, the MIR is below where it was at this time last year. No human cases have been reported so far.

While WNV activity in Ohio is currently low, in the past week, several suspected cases of La Crosse virus disease have been reported. Although these cases are pending confirmatory testing, this suggests La Crosse virus activity is ongoing in Ohio. Please ensure you continue with your community and public education efforts focusing on personal protection to avoid mosquito bites and source reduction to prevent mosquito breeding.

For more information, see the current Ohio vector-borne surveillance update at www.odh.ohio.gov/vectorupdate.

NOTE: Since Internet Explorer is no longer being supported, ODH’s new webpage is best viewed in other browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Please do not hesitate to contact the Zoonotic Disease Program (614-752-1029, option 1) if you have any questions.

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