West Nile Virus Activity Continues to Increase

West Nile virus activity continues to increase and the statewide mosquito infection rate as of week 27 (week of July 4) is trending with infection rates we saw in 2012, our last epidemic year when we recorded 122 human cases.  No human cases have been reported this year yet; however, 2 asymptomatic viremic blood donors were reported this past week, so there is evidence human infections have occurred. If you haven’t already, please be sure to increase your community and public education efforts focusing on personal protection and source reduction.

Here is a graph that shows where we are this year as of week 27 with infection rates in mosquitoes compared to 2012, an epidemic WNV year (blue line), and 2016, a relatively average WNV year (orange line):

For more information, see the current Ohio arbovirus surveillance update at http://www.odh.ohio.gov/arboupdate.  The data on this website was last updated on 7/16/18 and will be updated each Monday thru mosquito season. Please call the Zoonotic Disease Program (ZDP) at (614) 752-1029 if you have any questions.

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