How to lose weight in a healthy way

Nowadays, many young people cannot afford to lose weight. On the one hand, everyone is very concerned about their appearance and hopes to have a perfect body. On the other hand, obesity affects the health of the body. Therefore, in people’s agenda life, it is always inseparable from losing weight. But how to science and not hurt the body to lose weight?

This is an article on how to lose weight healthily on netdoctor website on 10/01/2014. It talk about how to lose weight in a healthy way. And discussed a lot about the dangers of obesity.

Losing weight through exercise is a very healthy way. Not only will it not damage the body but also exercise. This is a video about losing weight through exercise.

What if weight loss success isn’t found in a complicated diet plan or fitness regimen, but in a series of small habit changes? That’s the premise behind “Mini Habits for Weight Loss.” Author Stephen Guise explains why dieting can fail and how to achieve your weight loss and health goals. The secret, he says, is making small, maintainable adjustments to your everyday life.

Recently, nbcnews published a news article about how to lose weight this years on Jan 5. 2019.  Here is the link.

One article on NIH, restricting sugary food may backfire, it talk about people lose weight by putting certain foods off-limits. It’s not good. And this will have a bad effect on the body. Here is the link.