Time,Task and Environment management

Online learning is a very free way to learn. I can study at any time and any place. But this also brings some problems for me. I always drag the assignment to the end to do it. I usually start doing my homework a few hours before the deadline. Although I can  complete on time, the quality of my work is not high enough because time is limited. Marano(2016) noted that Why do we have procrastination, for example education and habait. So although I know that this is not good, I can hardly change it. But now I know how I should do it. According to Leach(2017), II have learned some ways to change this phenomenon .I need plan ahead,  set a time to do things. So from this week, I create a board with a schedul of my to do list. Through this board, I can know that I should finish my homework within the given time.

What’s more, When I study online at home, I usually have difficulty in concentrating. I think this is because I lost the constraints in the class. The environment at home is too comfortable, so I can’t put all my attention into learning, which makes my efficiency lower. I think I might spend more time studying in the library in the future, because I can concentrate on it there. Or when I study at home, I should ignore the influence of the outside world on me. I will set a time for myself and try not to do other things within this time frame.

It’s a video with time management.  There are many tips about time management.

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