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I am an international student and my native language is not English. So when I am reading some long articles, I will encounter some difficulties.If the article is too long, it is difficult for me to finish it completely. It is too boring and difficult for me to understand.And if it is a very professional paper, I often encounter words and sentences that I don’t understand.In class, I think the biggest difficulty in taking notes is that the professor is talking too fast. It is difficult for me to write down all of them. I always miss something.If I record too fast, I don’t remember the meaning when I look back.I think the main reason for these problems is that my English is not good.And I may not have enough pre-study work, so some professional vocabulary I can’t understand.Through this week of study, I know that I can use notability to read, so I can make comments alongside to help me record and understand.I will also do a good preparation before class, to record vocabulary that I don’t understand to help me take notes in class. And I know that I can record by abbreviations, so I can quickly record and not miss the professor said.After class, I will reorganize my notes in time to avoid forgetting them. And add the notes completely.The most important thing is to increase my vocabulary, which is the best way to help me read and take notes.

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