About My Online Learning

Online course is a very convenient and flexible way to learn. Since we can learn a lot of knowledge without being limited to the classroom. Even if we are at home, we can learn and communicate with classmates and teachers. For face to face course, if we miss a class, it means we missed this knowledge. But the online class is different, we can check it out and learn at any time.

When I was studying 1901, it was my first online class. I couldn’t understand some homework, but I couldn’t get a reply from the teacher. This led to some of my assignments not having a high score. And I don’t know my classmates, I can’t communicate these problems with others. When I was not familiar with online learning, I didn’t know how to check some information about this course. This makes me very upset. But now I am very familiar with these methods. I hope that I can learn more about how to participate in online classes through this course.

In future e-learning, I might use the osu online library. I can find a lot of resources here to help me write articles and reflection. Of course, the tool I use the most is definitely Carmen. Because I definitely want to learn the content of the course from Carmen.

It is a video about online learning. There are some tips and experience. I think it is very useful for our online learning.

Online Reading

I am an international student and my native language is not English. So when I am reading some long articles, I will encounter some difficulties.If the article is too long, it is difficult for me to finish it completely. It is too boring and difficult for me to understand.And if it is a very professional paper, I often encounter words and sentences that I don’t understand.In class, I think the biggest difficulty in taking notes is that the professor is talking too fast. It is difficult for me to write down all of them. I always miss something.If I record too fast, I don’t remember the meaning when I look back.I think the main reason for these problems is that my English is not good.And I may not have enough pre-study work, so some professional vocabulary I can’t understand.Through this week of study, I know that I can use notability to read, so I can make comments alongside to help me record and understand.I will also do a good preparation before class, to record vocabulary that I don’t understand to help me take notes in class. And I know that I can record by abbreviations, so I can quickly record and not miss the professor said.After class, I will reorganize my notes in time to avoid forgetting them. And add the notes completely.The most important thing is to increase my vocabulary, which is the best way to help me read and take notes.

Time,Task and Environment management

Online learning is a very free way to learn. I can study at any time and any place. But this also brings some problems for me. I always drag the assignment to the end to do it. I usually start doing my homework a few hours before the deadline. Although I can  complete on time, the quality of my work is not high enough because time is limited. Marano(2016) noted that Why do we have procrastination, for example education and habait. So although I know that this is not good, I can hardly change it. But now I know how I should do it. According to Leach(2017), II have learned some ways to change this phenomenon .I need plan ahead,  set a time to do things. So from this week, I create a board with a schedul of my to do list. Through this board, I can know that I should finish my homework within the given time.

What’s more, When I study online at home, I usually have difficulty in concentrating. I think this is because I lost the constraints in the class. The environment at home is too comfortable, so I can’t put all my attention into learning, which makes my efficiency lower. I think I might spend more time studying in the library in the future, because I can concentrate on it there. Or when I study at home, I should ignore the influence of the outside world on me. I will set a time for myself and try not to do other things within this time frame.

It’s a video with time management.  There are many tips about time management.