Plagiarism Project

Here are three screenshots of my plagiarism assignment. It’s quite interesting to act as an instructor and correct peer’s assignments. In this way, I feel that I can even learn things more qulicly and have a deeper impression. Hope to role acting again!

Photo Reflection

Job1. Financial Controller

The has made a comprehensive description of the position of financial controller. A financial controller’s duty is to manage financial departments including accounting, budget, audit and other departments that have a connection with finance. Besides, balancing sheets, making reports and predicting risks and benefits are also included. An outstanding financial controller should arm himself with excellent skills in math and problem-solving.

This is a good job choice for me because I major in math in my university, which fits the financial controller job very well. In the field of statistics and analytics, this occupation shares a great number of similarities. However, being a financial controller needs more specific knowledge and a better sense of number than learning mathematics.

(The working environment of finance controller)   comparing data for different years

According to the data on the website, the average salary of a financial controller is 81,343$, ranging from 54,000$ to 122,000$. Incomes besides salary include a bonus from 1,000$ to 20,000$, a profit sharing from 483$ to 1,200$ and a commission from 196$ to 31,000$. Commonly, how much one gets is in direct proportion to experience level in the first 20 years and maintains steadily after a two-decade working process. Briefly, the position of financial controller satisfies me a lot. Although the salary raises with working time, the main part of this Jon is occupied by those who have a great experience. So it may be hard for green hands to get promoted in a quick speed. Meanwhile, financial controllers in big cities such as New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles, averagely earn more than those in other cities.

Fortunately, about 4 out of 5 employees speak highly of their working conditions, which is more crucial than how much they earn.

                                                                                          (Analyzing financial data)


                                                           (Data source:  All picture source:


Job2. Client Services Director

In accordance with the data got from, a client services director is the bridge between a company and its clients, whose job includes maintaining sustainable relationships through communicating to customers without 100% satisfaction to a community or product as well as designing good schemes to deal with targeted client more efficiently by making full use of their privilege of knowing the situations of both sides directly and clearly.   

(directors are introducing a program to clients)      (the private director is talking with customers

The client services director owns the lowest salary of 51,000$ and the highest salary of 141,000$. The average total pay of this occupation is around 202,000$ a year, which is made up of a mean bonus of 14,500$, a middle level of profit sharing of 11,500$ and an average commission of 31,000$, which can never lead me into a bad mood. Amazingly, the salary of a client services director raises continually during the whole career span. And with the examples of companies with a high payment, such as the Nielsen Company and InDemand Interpreting, great possibilities are there that people with an entry level will gain their popularity and fortune.

Despite the fact that client interaction, account management, and people management are all skills that have a high demand blocking between employers and success, the satisfaction rate of this occupation is high enough to demonstrate the good condition of this work. And I can’t agree with those job lovers more.

(Data source: All picture source:

Personal Profile


Hello! This is the boy with big glasses (not face) greeting you. My name is  Peitong Zhu and you can also call me MacQueen. Born in Dalian, I’ve lived in Shanghai for about 15 years with a happy nuclear family. Well, although I weigh over 200kg, sports is my beloved partner. I’m a member of both the soccer and badminton team in my high school. Besides, I know a little about football and playing go as well. And I’m also crazy about music (actually only a green-hand of HiFi). What’s more, since my father is a fishing lover, I may sometimes go fishing out of town.

I spent my childhood in Dalian, a beautiful city near the Bohai gulf. But I can only remember some flashes of things happening at  that time, such as playing four-wheel drives and climbing trees for cicadas. I came to Shanghai at the age of 6. Then, as a traditional Chinese student, I made up my mind to attend the college entrance examination and learned everything there. However, after visiting to America twice, deep in my mind, a seed of furthering abroad started growing. And that’s why I’m typing here. I think I’m a lucky person.



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Why choose OSU: First of all, it’s because the atmosphere. Even before I have a deep understanding of the OSU, I have already heard that every who becomes a buckeye is proud of becoming one. So I come here to find my new home. The collective spirit of this university strongly hit my heart. Additionally, the magnificent academic power, which results in an excellent academic atmosphere, and countless resources on campus, which may provide me with a more brilliant and convenient college life, also attract me a lot.

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