Personal Profile Project

Personal Profile

It is my honor to meet you in the 1901 class! I am eager to introduce myself for you to have a deep understanding between each other. My name is Zhu Keda, I am 20 years old. My hometown is Huaian that is a famous historical city in China, Jiangsu, beautiful and graceful. Huaian is the hometown of Zhou Enlai, lofty and pro-people, a pivot in Chinese history. There are totally five family members in my family. Specially, I have an elder sister who has already gone to Warwick University in England and she is very independent as a sister. Why is that special? Our government was still executing single-child policy in my parents’ age. My father is an architectural engineer, which always makes me feel pride since he has built many buildings for my hometown. Sometimes, when we just carelessly drive through a group of community, he probably points to one of these buildings and says:” Look! I built this residential building! I clearly remember that…. ”. My mum is homemaker and lonely undertakes all of housework, including cultivating my sister and me until all entering into colleges. Honestly, I have numerous interests, math, drawing, guitar, fitness etc. Frankly speaking, I have started my drawing travel since when I was a seven years old boy. I still have unambiguous memory of how I have chemistry with drawing. When my mum and I took a walk along a river after dinner, I saw a Drawing Class sign, engaged by its colorful images, heart beating faster, visiting there by the way. Who knows I will visit there for next 8 years? Yeah, I also like math, calculating and thinking, making me calm down.

Before entering into my current university that is in Nanjing, I still study in my hometown. However, my sister and I have to take a bus and walk for a long time to get to our primary school. Gosh! Those pieces of memory are too pitiful to think! My sister and I had to get up at 5 am. Of course, my mum had to get up much earlier. After breakfast, sister and I went out of our house, cold, snotty and dark. We usually spent one hour to get to school and we had to memorize words that will test on the class during our “travel”. After finishing our primary school, our life condition becomes better. When it comes to any interesting experience, I definitely have to mention my San Diego of California travelling experience. As we all know, American is always open and interesting. Sometimes, if you still there for a long time, you also can be that. We visit a famous Chinese drawer’s house and her husband is an American. After visiting their house, I wanted to take a photo with th
at man and I said:” Hey! It is my first time to take picture with a foreigner!” He just stared at me and smiled said:” You are the FOREIGNER! ”. We all laughed together.

To be honest, there are millions reasons for me choosing OSU to study. OSU is one of the biggest universities in America. Therefore, the college has well-equipped facilities and even has its own airport! I have to say that that is really surprise me. However, the most important reason that driving me to choose OSU is its high standard upon students. I hear that OSU ranks top 12 in the rank of the difficulty of getting GPA in America. Of course, it may be not the exact data but obviously react the high strict degree. I like strict standards! My major is Mathematic in OSU since, as I said above, I love math, it is perfect and elegant. On the other hand, as we all know, Math means all; it is the base of many other subjects like economy, finance, physic etc. My schoolwork plan is studying Math at the undergraduate level, and then specializing in finance at graduate level. I also want to minor economy when I am an undergraduate student. No pain, no gain!