5 thoughts on “Group 4 Movie Project (QIAN, ZHU, SONG, LI)

  1. Hello Keda, I think your group has finished a very nice job. the design shows your creativity and your voice is also very vivd-memory. Each memeber from your group has different styles and ways to illustrate what they want to present. The time is very essential for each student, and I also very care about my time-plan that how I can use it more efficiency between academic and other aspects, from your project, I think I got some answer.

  2. You guys did really good job in this group project. You explain your problem very well, since you provide some graph and information from the school website. Also, you give solutions to your problem. Meanwhile, your movie is very funny. For example, you add “OH” “IO” in the connection of different parts, which is very good.

  3. Nice job! While corporation with the task you are always the active one to do it. And your video has included numerous pictures and examples which made it easy to approach and make a fully understanding. I appreciate your work, hope you can enjoy your days.

  4. Firstly, I have to say you guys did really good job on this project. Four of you organized the video well. Each of you gives details on how to balance between school activities, social lives, family relationships and daily study. The most attractive thing in this video is you guys have connection between each part of the content although four of you did not record the voice together. For each part, you guys figure out the problem first and then give solutions for international students.

  5. First of all, i have to say that you all did a great job! The background music is quite classic, which make me feel relaxing and enjoyable while enjoying, more than just listening, the content of your presentation. What’s more, the pictures and some data sources are well selected, which makes the whole presentation convinced and attractive. By the way, the way of displaying the content with some of a few key words and sentences is worthy to be studied. Many students will unconsciously use a large original paragraph of their script.

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