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Senior Accounting Manager typically takes charge of a series of accounting management affairs. These managers need to supervis
e the process and procedure of accounts in the company. They have to improve and review financial statement, producing periodic budget and forecast report to their upper management. Senior Accounting Manager are
also required to effectively make staff audit schedules and timelines for the project goals. Manager also plays a role of instructor for staff, training them to be efficient and speeding up work process. The level of this career’s salary is an average of $95K per year, which belongs to more than middle level in America. The male female ratio is approximately 2 to 3, so this data does not show serious unbalance between the number of male and female clerk. Therefore, from the information offered above, it is not hard to reveal that although Senior Accounting Manager has a promise of high-income, manager has to face tremendous pressure since they need to be prospective, organized, skilled.

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Account Director seems have more correlations with sociability, managing a great relationship with customers and efficiently finding potential customers, than that of Senior Accounting Manager. The income of Account Director is around $92K on average, but, specially, with the accumulation of career experience, the salary chart of Account Director substantially presents a linear increase, opposite with some other careers. The male female ratio is about 7:13, which seems that female has more tendency to take this job than man does. As same as senior accounting manager, Account Director is also required to supervise and manage all accounts and analyze various kinds of accounting reports. They also have to make a lot of timelines and schedules for clerks, considerate and sharp-sighted. Word processi
ng capability
is also significant for Account Director.

From my point, sincerely, from my current ability level and especially the aspect of communicating with others, I have to admit that th
ese two jobs essentially do not suit me. I still deal with number, calculation and programing since my current major is Software engineering, it is logistic and rational. Therefore, when I have to manage a series of relationship, I will feel nervous, heart beating faster, shame and want to run away. However
, frankly, I am deeply willing to have any chance to chat with others, exploring our own internal thinking with each other. In other word, although I am not that kind of person that can be qualified this two job now, I have a strong desire to become that kind of
. My intended major is Mathematic that purely is science, but I hold that math can help me lay a solid foundation up to Finance. According to the differences between these two majors, Senior Accounting Manager looks like having more requests of analyzing ability than that of Account Director and it may be why there are more male choosing SAM than AD. On the other hand, the job of Account Director requests these directors put more effort into deal with their customers. I am not surprise by the salary of these two jobs, no pain, no gain. I do not totally agree that the level of satisfaction is more significant than the salary since, in large degree, money can easily buy anything, even happiness.

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  1. Your summary of two jobs almost include all the information. It can be a very clear and perfect summary for us to understand those two jobs. As you say in the article, I can see your willingness of progress since you are not very good at deal with relationship. However, I think you can overcome the problem. You compare the difference between your major and the jobs. It is a good comparison. I like the way you directly explain the reason why you think the salary is more important. I partly agree that money can be very important to us. However, I think the salary is based on the satisfaction of the jobs.
    To sum up, your article is very clear and well-organized.

  2. Hello, Keda, your article express your creative thoughts and clear thinkings. First you summarized almost all of the important information for your first two paragraph, and then you express your opinion that if this 2 jobs are suitable for you, after that you talk about your plans. I think all of you expression are comfortable for reader. Dream is more important than others, especially when compared to the salary, I believe you can get what you want in the future. Go for it !

  3. Hi, Keda, as a student who is major in business, the information that you had provided is very useful. I am currently major in Finance, however, accounting is also one of my favorite major in business. I found accounting interesting when I was taking accounting class but didn’t know well about what kind of job can I go for in the future as well as how much will I get paid, the information that you presented was helpful. I believe you would do well in both of these jobs.

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