LinkedinZhiru Sun obtained her Ph.D. from the educational technology program in Department of Education Studies. She has a strong research background in educational technology and psychology as well as excellent skills in statistics. She is currently working as a Post-doc researcher in the Faculty of Business and Social Science in the University of Southern Denmark. Her major tasks include teaching Tools for Quantitative Analysis course to Business Administration undergraduate students, collaborating with faculty members to re-design certain business courses, and conduct design-based and evaluation research on technology-enhanced courses.

Her interest is at the praxis of educational technology, psychology, and statistics. Her main research interested lies in understanding students’ learning behaviors/patterns in the technology-enhanced environment. The research she is currently working on is about examining the role of self-regulation on learning in both online and flipped environment. Her interested research topics include big data and learning analytics in cyberlearnig, and the role of self-regulation on students’ cognitive engagement and learning in technology-enhanced environment.

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