Final Essay for ARTEDU-1cmi4o2


I made this video to advertise for our big event in my organization. I used iMovie. I used the the trailer not the movie thing on iMovie. These were a bunch of pictures, I decided to skip using videos and to stick with photos because photos flow more smoothly. I used the music that was already there even though there were many that I could have used not only through iMovie but also from YouTube. In this short video. A lot of the stuff here were basic, nothing too fancy, iMovie still kinda confuses me but I’m working on that. However, I feel like this video is not a bad promotional video in general. I mean; you can tell what it’s about and you will [hopefully] get excited to check out the organization and the event. Here is the link to the video: (

This is my self portrait photo. It combines things that represent me, things that I was able to remember. A lot of png, I mostly focused on dark colors and no too many colors combined.


This is a pre-poster for an event that my cultural organization does. I used a lot of PMG type images. I have also used a fancy text that I have made 3D. the colors that I chose where Orange and Yellow, as well as black. I used black to draw attention to that text.



My magazine cover!



This is my edited photo. I uploaded a photo that I took of a friend. I then dragged a photo of a horse. I used the eraser tool and clean the horses head from its background and its body. It took a lot of time to make sure it looks okay. I then made the whole photoshopped photo black and white; I feel like it looks better like this. However,  this is my first experience with crazy funny editing. I found out a lot doing this, and I know I can do better with more practice.


This is a professional photo that I took of a friend of mine. I did a couple of things to make it look cleaner. I added the black to the background of the photo. There were people in the background blurred and not even looking at the camera so I used to polygon lasso tool to cut out the exact shape as seen, and I used  black color that I believe goes well with the the dark colors of my friend in the photo. Furthermore; I cleaned my friends face from all the red dots and white flash reflections that were on the forehead. I also fixed the beard a little, I trimmed it on the top and the bottom, and I finally changed the color of the whole photo to make it more warm.

These are my two portrait photos that I took. The first one up is nice because it is natural with the laugh. I also like the first one up because I took it trying to be on the same height level as the person in the photo, also; the background in the background is mostly black and white, where the black matches the sweater that my friend is wearing in the photo.

The second photo is taken from a higher angel. I think this angel makes the bear look even more innocent, especially that it is not looking at the camera.



This is a thirds composition photo with the bike object placed not exactly in the center. I like this photo because you can’t really tell what that bike is, and what it actually is, is a small metal wall art in my roommates bedroom. It’s really nice as a wall art and so it is as a photo


This photo is a closed composition as the eye gets immediately attracted to the middle object, even with the blurriness in the surroundings. It’s a simple example of this kind of composition.


This photo has more of an open composition because even thou your eyes get drawn to the center object, it is actually not the first thing the eyes see. And that is because the center objects almost extends from the bottom of the page so the actual center eye-grabbing object is somewhere around the top of that big brick object in the middle of the photo. Also, the tree leaves to the right make it more open.


This is a symmetrical photo, the lines of the steel on the bridge form different symmetrical lines that all connect together. I like it because it does not have too many colors, its simple.




I took the middle photo (balanced one) because I felt like it combines a lot of what OSU campus is like. We have a lot of brick-buildings, a lot of green spaces and trees., as well as the not so beautiful Ohio weather.
I prefer the photo to the right because it makes it kind of blurs the the back (the window part) and it makes the photo seems happier.

I took this photo simply because it is the Ohio Union. The building that welcomes many students and visitors every morning. I prefer the warmer photo (the one to the left) because it makes the Union look more grand and victorian.