group4 project

This is my group project’s movie, and it is about the differences of academic life, social life and daily life between American students and Chinese students. The first part of the movie is academic life, it contains study pattern, academic conduct, study environment, solving study problem, and class performance. The second part is social life, it contains communication with strangers,social activity occasion, connection with friends and families, and roommate relationship. The third part is about the time of taking a shower and sleep, the way of leisure and dressing style between American students and Chinese students.

photo reflection

The%20photo%20reflection%20(1)The photo reflection

The first job is product owner. As far as I am concerned, it is a good choice for me, because I like to manage daily project goals and product schedules, adjusting expectations and setting priorities. Actually, I always help my classmates do some schedules of study and something else. I also like work with customers, stakeholders and internal teams to create and customize products. I like some other tasks, and a product owner should write and capture user stories and user needs to communicate product objectives and requirements. A product owner should schedule and lead meetingf9bc0d4ab78ee611f56b1fc4954d93a8s to surface issues, identify fixes and advance projects. Additionally, there is a question that how do these jobs compare to your intended major? I want to say this is my dream job. Let’s talk about the salary of this job. The average product owner in the United States earns approximately $81K per year. In my opinion, the salary of this job is not in a low level, so I can accept it. Additionally, there is a chance of making a better salary with more experience or education. The highest salary is $120,097 per year. I am satisfied with this job, because I love all of tasks of this job, and the salary is accepted. I think the level of satisfaction is more important than the salary, because if you love this job, you might not care about the salary.

The second job is senior accounting manager. Actually, I am not very satisfied with this job, because my math grade is not very good and I don’t like math very much. Although my major is economics, I still do not like this job. It requires people to count many different data. I might use much time to finish a small amount of my task. Luckily, the salary of this job is higher than many job’s salary. The average senior accounting manager in the United States earns approximately $92 per year, and people who have more experience of accounting will get higher level of salary, except somebody work in late-career. My satisfaction of this job is not vey high, because I do not love some tasks of it, such as develop, prepare and review financial statement and reports. I am interested in preparing some schedules and help somebody solve some problems. I really don’t care the salary of my job, because if you do not like a job, you will always have stress when you work. What’s more, I think that people should choose their dream. Although many people could not choose their dream job, they still should choose a job which close to it.8d6a2807612358cc7cd83e1f4ac327ee

From what has been discussed above, we could safely draw the conclusion that I prefer to be a product owner rather than to be a senior accounting manager.

about me

Hello, I am Ziming Zhao, a freshman of OSU, and I come from China.

This is my first semester in OSU, and I hope that I can graduate from this university successfully. My major is economics. I live in Morrill TIMG_1443_2ower, and I think it is a good dorm. There are many people and they are friendly. I really want to make friends with them who come from all over the world. My roommate is a Chinese, and he is very nice. Now talk about my family. I come from a traditional family in China. My parents are businessmen. I have a little brother, and he studies in an elementary school. Sometimes, my grandparents also live with us. In my opinion, I have a happy family. My hometown Tangshan, a economically advanced city, is located in Hebei province, which is near by Beijing. I have two hobbies. The first one is playing basketball. Sometimes, I feel that the basketball is my life. I always played basketball with my friends when I was in my high school. The other one is feeding tortoise. These animals are mystical. When I observed them, I just wanted to say that it’s amazing. I can learn lots of scientific knowledge from them, and also have fun. I really love this species.


The image is my hometown named Tangshan. 



I lived in hometown in my first 18 years, but I went to Beijing when I was 19 years old. I studied English in Beijing, cause I wanted to go to America to finish my studies. I have never seen so much lights in the street before I went to Beijing. I worked hard, and made many friends in Beijing. They were nice, and always helped me with many things, such as some hard assignments, and finding some places which I could not find by mysIMG_2658elf. In Beijing, I had a teacher, and she is excellent. I learnt much knowledge from her. Finally, we also became friends. We played together, and she taught me many principles. Her birthday is September 10, and I will give her a surprise. There are many interesting experiences. I went to Sichuan, a province happened a powerful earthquake, to be a volunteer about six years ago. We transported many goods for disaster area, such as water, cookies and clothes. Although we were so tired when we worked 3 days later, and we still felt good. People who live in this area felt better after we transported many resources. And the fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.


 The left image is Tian An Men Square.


Why I chose to study at The Ohio State university?

Firstly, the Ohio State university has a large campus, so I can study at many places. It can keep my heart happy. Secondly, the football team of The Ohio State university is awesome, and the football team has won the championship many times. I have never seen a football game before I arrived here, so I want to watch a football game when there is a game in the stadium. This is my dream school, cause I like to do some sports. Thirdly, there are many good professor and they are excellent in their own field. As for my future plan, I have many ideas about it. First, I want to learn more knowledge about English, so I add a linguistic class. The professor will tell us some skills about learning English, such as grammar and sentence pattern. I think it will be helpful for me. Secondly, I love animals, so I add a animal science class. I want to know more about some species. It’s amazing. Thirdly, my major is economics, so I will add some class about it, such as math, macroeconomics, and microeconomics. But, the most important thing is enhancing my writing skills, so I will take the 1901 class seriously.