Year in Review

Global Awareness: To develop my Global Awareness, I became a member of the Program for Advancing Scholarship and Service (PASS), a academic learning community for students who have a shared interest in the academic, cultural, career, and community benefits of diversity. Additionally I have taken a course, Anthropology 2202H, that introduced me to different cultures around the world and the anthropology related to the different cultures. I plan to further develop my global awareness by attending a Buck-I-SERV trip in the near future as well as enrolling in future courses that will expand my knowledge of our complex world and the different societies that lie within.

Original Inquiry: Experiences that I have had that have helped me understand the research or creative process would be my involvement in the Leone Lab on campus as well as my continued involvement in the Majumder Lab. These experiences have taught me what goes on in the life of a researcher as well as the thinking and processes involved in research. Additionally, I was introduced to the research process in my Biology 1114H class in which I was able to investigate and test a hypothesis as well as write a research paper. I plan to further develop my original inquiry by continuing with my involvement in research and my current research lab as well as enrolling in advanced course work that may lead to original inquiry.

Academic Enrichment: My Honors Contract demonstrates a commitment to the goal of Academic Enrichment as I have chosen a curriculum that challenges my academic ability wherever possible and a curriculum that relates to my future aspirations of becoming a physician or possibly a researcher.

Leadership Development: I am involved in volunteering, research, and more recently in the Chimes Junior Class Honorary. My involvement in these activities contribute to my development as a leader as these activities develop my interpersonal skills along with my ability to work with my peers and with individuals whom have obtained more experience and knowledge in their fields that I have. My involvement relates to my personal and career goals as these crucial skills are necessary to becoming a great physician. Additionally, I plan on running for a leadership position within Chimes that will allow me to become more involved in the Honorary while simultaneously developing my leadership abilities.

Service Engagement: Service-oriented activities that I have been involved with include activities that I participated in during my involvement in PASS (Good Neighbor’s Picnic, Sole Hope, Buckeye Blanket Bash, and Martin Luther King Day of Service) as well as my activities as a volunteer for the Wexner Medical Center. I plan to further engage with the community through my continuing as a volunteer for the Wexner Medical Center and as an active member of Chimes.


Global Awareness: To achieve global awareness, I plan on either studying abroad, taking a course, or embarking on a service related trip that will further my understanding and knowledge.

Original Inquiry: I plan on involving myself in research in labs.

Academic Enrichment: I will consider any and all opportunities to further enrich my understanding and knowledge.

Leadership Development: I plan on becoming involved in student organizations that directly correlate to leadership positions or organizations that aid in developing leadership skills.

Service Engagement: I intend to join organizations that serve society and the world as well as engage in volunteer activities.


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About Me

Allen Zhang 2015_24

Hello, and welcome to my About Me page!

My name is Allen Zhang, and I was born in Washington D.C.

Although I was born in the District of Columbia, the majority of my childhood was spent elsewhere. From when I was around one year old to when I was around six or seven I lived with my grandparents in Fuzhou, China. Afterwards, I moved back to the United States to live with my parents in Worthington, Ohio. I lived in Worthington and attended Wilson Hill Elementary school until the fourth grade. In the fourth grade, my parents decided that it was best to move to Marion, Ohio as it was closer to my parents work, which was managing a Chinese restaurant called the Hong Kong Buffet. From fourth grade until I graduated high school, I attended Pleasant High School. It was at this high school where I was able to make valuable friends whom I could not live without, realize my interest in aiding others, and discover my love of science, my future plans, and my ambitions in life.

Currently, my plans for the future are to Major in Biology with a Pre-Medicine tract and eventually become a physician, or surgeon, specializing in the cardio or cardiothoracic regions of the human body.

My long term ambitions would be to become a son that my parents will be forever proud of as well as to leave a lasting legacy. Ever since I was little, I witnessed my parents slaving away working twelve hours a day, every single day, with rarely any breaks, so that my sister and I can focus on our education and have a bright future. I know that my parents are already proud of me as is; nevertheless, it is not something that I am content and satisfied with. I want to make my parents even prouder. I am determined to challenge myself in both education and life to become someone that will not only make my parents proud, but also show then that all their hard work was not for naught.

My second ambition involves a personal dream or goal of mine. For me, I have one big dream that I would like to achieve in the future. That dream is to leave a lasting legacy. I want to be remembered for the things I have accomplished long after I have passed. I want to impact society in a positive way and to leave a lasting impression for generations to come. I realize that this is a big dream and that it may be close to impossible, but I believe I can do it, and I am going to try my hardest to make it so.