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I took several small quizzes in Payscale and I was given 10 jobs and I like 2 of them. One is Sales Director and another one is Human Resources Information System Manager (HRIS). The most important thing that I concern about a job is how much that I can earn. Both of those jobs can pays well. Also, my father is businessman and I am familiar with selling. My uncle is a professor in HR and I am interested in HRIS. So I think both of those jobs are good choices for me. My intended major is Economics. I think Sales Director have to learn some economic courses. So I think my intended major are relative to both of those jobs.

The potential job #1 (Sales Director)

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To be honest, I love Sales Director most. Since I am kind of person who like the feeling to control and manage people and Sales Directors are high-level management employees and normally executives who are responsible for directing sales teams. Also, this job is kind of less stressed job. I am afraid about stress and I struggle with anxiety so hard. The most important is this job is really high-paid job. Salary is the most important part I considered with. I do think the level of satisfaction is less important than salary.

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The potential job #2(Human Resources Information System Manager)

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The second job that I love is Human Resources Information System Manager (HRIS). I love this job because of three reasons. The first reason is the degree level. The majority of this job is bachelor’s degree. I do not want to stay school too long. The second reason is still about salary and less stress. The finally reason is about my uncle. He always told me about how fun that HR is. He is a social person and like talks with people. I am this kind of person, too. So I think I can do good in HRIS like he did.


Roughly, I think Payscale did a good job to match me with ten potential jobs and I like to accept its advice about job-planing.

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