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I am Zhang Hao from Zhejiang Province in China. I live in Wenzhou which is a small town. Everyone likes to call Wenzhou is a business city. Since Wenzhou is the first part to trade when China was Reforming and Opening. I have a brother who is younger than me. My parents are merchants. They always told me the importance of the knowledge. So I was born with the passion to knowledge. I like to read Chinese classic books. Since I think I can get the meaning of life by reading those. Also, I like to do sports on weekends. Usually, I like to play basketball with my friends. We can chat the interesting things of school days. I like the feeling of sweating. Taking a shower after sweating can make me feel so refreshing.

I went to the smaller town near Wenzhou for my middle school which is called Ruian. I like this town because of its delicious food called ‘jiang you ya she’ in Chinese which means sauce duck tongue. I ate those for lunch every day in school. In the summer break that I finished my high school, I was always chilling out at home and my mother’s shop was coincidentally short of a cashier. Naturally, I had to take that. In the beginning, I was a bad cashier. Every time hasty customers came to me and said “Can’t you hurry up?” I would impatiently answer, “don’t you see I am trying to hurry? Could you please keep quiet for a while?” Slowly, my irrational answers hurt my mother’s business. I could see the disappointment in my mother’s eyes. I had to stop indulging my bad attitude and impatience. I changed the way I talked from rudely to politely. Every time when customers urged me to hurry up, I would keep calm and just be quicker. Progressively, I can see that they are less and less grumpy, and more and more satisfied. Time went by, and this polite attitude rooted in my soul.

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The biggest reason that I choose OSU is Thompson Library. Since, I am a reading lover. And we all know that Thompson Library is one of the biggest libraries in the United States. And I love to read books after class for spending my free time. I like the study atmosphere in Thompson Library. Another reason is Recreation and Physical Activity Center, which is also called RPAC. I am kind of lazy people and I do not want to workout frequently. But the advanced facilities would push me to go to gym for exercise. The sense of belonging makes me feel a sense of home. Since if you shout out ‘OH’, there are a lot of people would answer you ‘IO’. Those are why that I choose OSU for my university.

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