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  1. Hello, Zhang Xuanzhi! I have read your photo reflection and I think the job you have chosen is suitable for you if you decide to major in physics which related to cars. However, I have some suggestions for you to revise your reflection. First, sometimes there are too many details. For instance, the number of salaries. You could just summarize them. And second, I think you could move the photo from right bottom of a paragraph to the left top and it will look better and more professional.

  2. Hello, Xuanzhi! I’m so surprised to know that you are also a member of robot club. But unlike you, I served as a liaison for my team. I guess that why I am a business student while you intend to deal with machines. But still I believe we have a lot to talk about. Back to the point, I think you did a great job organizing your content and I love how you deeply research both of the jobs. Besides, I admire you mentioning both of your hobby and skills, which are two key factors of career. I believe you can achieve your goals in such a scrupulous spirit.

  3. Hello, Zhang Xuanzhi! I have read your photo reflection´╝îI found that your job descriptions are very clearly and easy to understand what you want to explain. I saw that you were adding some personal information to help to prove that you are suitable to those jobs, this is the thing I need to learn from you. Here is some personal suggestion, you may try to use big titles to help separate your photo reflection, because it might be easier for readers to get the information directly.

  4. Hi, I’m Yu Fu. I also interested in physics. And I think the first job, automotive engineer, is very suit for you. As you know, the physics is the basic knowledge of the job, and you will feel satisfy of the job. In addition, the average of the job is also very high, and you can receive a high salary if you have a lot of experiences. Futhermore, the second job is also very good. Although it is not relate to your major, you can enjoy the job when you working. Last, I recommend the first job because it is relate to your major.

  5. hi, j have just read your photo reflection, and your introduction are very clear and easy to make other people to know the work, and the expression of your idea also excellent, i think you are satisfaction toward the two job, also i hope in the future you can find the job which most fit you. what’s more, the select of picture also inferior, and have the representative.

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