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  1. Hi, Xuanzhi Zhang. I have viewed your personal profile and I like it, especially your layout when you try to divide your text with photos. You introduced your hometown and made comments on it. Also, you posted the photos that are taken by yourself which shows your originality. But if only you could add more photos to make it more interesting, your profile will be wonderful.

  2. Hi, Xuanzhi Zhang, I am Emily Liu. I have just read your personal profile. I am also like Chongqing, as there are many delicious foods there, such as the hot pot,and different kinds of noodles. I heard that people always called Chongqing as ”mountain city”, I still remember that it was really to hard for me to walk in Chongqing. Then I found you are major in physics, this is a good subject, because it can help people have a logical thinking.

  3. Hello Zhang Xuanzhi, nice to meet your page. I see you live in Beijing and I feel excellent. As a Chinese, I have never been to the capital of my own country. I hope to go to Beijing and see the Great Wall and Tiananmen Square before I go abroad. I also like the city of Chongqing that has a lot of traditional Chinese food, especially hot pot. Unfortunately, I can’t eat hot pot because my stomach is not used to spicy food. I hope you can make more friends at OSU. Physics and astronomy may be a little complicated, but you are sure to succeed. Wish you all the best in your study.

  4. Hi, I’m Yu Fu. I also like play soccer because I think play with my friends is more interesting. I think Beijing is the most advanced city in China, but the weather is not good because of the advanced transportation. I also interested in physics and I always utilize my leisure time to do the physical experiment. I think we can play soccer and talk about physics in the OSU.

  5. Hi, Xuanzhi! Good to know you have a memory of Chongqing since that is my hometown! I am sure that living in Beijing could be very different from living in Chonqing. Soccer is also one of my favorite sports and I enjoyed playing it with my classmate when I was in high school. Though not a native, I lived in Chongqing for twelve years and I guess that is long enough for me to call myself a Chongqing guy. Physics and Astronomy are two coolest subjects in university as I think and I hope you success in future studying!

  6. Hi Xuanzhi! I totally agree with your opinion about big cities like Beijing. I live in Shanghai. The city is well developed, but it is also crowded like crazy. Same as you, I also like playing sports that require teamwork, because I can make more friends that have the same hobby. It is really nice to meet you and I am looking forward to seeing you around campus next semester!

  7. Hello, Xuanzhi! I have read your personal profile and I am engaged with both images and the content of your personal profile. Your describtion about hometown made me come up with my own hometown Beijing and I cannot more agree with you about your opinion about big city in China. By the way, i am also a big fun of football. Maybe we can play football togerther in the future. I am looking forward to seeing you in OSU!

  8. Hi, Xuanzhi. I know that you come from Chongqing, but you live in Beijing, can you eat spicy food? Because I have friends who are also from Chongqing, but because the living areas are different, so they have a light eat habit. I think the major you have chosen is very special. I think both majors are challenging, but they may be your interest, I believe it will be a piece of cake for you.

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