7 thoughts on “Self Introduction

  1. Hi, Jay! My name is Kangxuan Ye who will study computer science at Ohio State University. According to the introduction video, I know you have a strong academic ability to study physics and I hope you could achieve your success in OSU. And since I hear about you like playing soccer, I would like to invite you to play together at OSU if your time is available. I hope we could be friends and see you in PDO or orientation.

  2. Hello, Xuanzhi Zhang. My name is Yaning Tan and you can just call me Sophia. After viewing your video, I learn that you are very confident and excellent. Your major is physics which I am interested in too, so we have contact each others more about it! And I believe you will be able to improve your soccer skills in OSU. Also, I know that you have wonderful outlook about your college life, then do not hesitate and go for it! You will meet a better you in the OSU!

  3. Hi. My name is Yu Fu and my major is mathematics. I also interested in physics, so I’m looking forward to talk with you about physics in the future. I’m also a outstanding guy, so we can go outside to watch movie or play sports together, by the way, my favorite movie is The Avengers. I really want to make friends with you!

  4. Hey, my name is Zhenke Peng, an international student who major in mathematics at OSU. After viewing your video, I found that we have the same interest, watching movies. I like to watch fiction movies, especially movies like Iron-man. And I know that you love sports so we might watch sports games at OSU this fall. I hope I can make friends with you in the future.

  5. Hi, Xuanzhi Zhang, my name is Emily Liu, and I am in Fisher College. Even though I choose business as my major, I always enjoy to do some physics lab during my high school life. In my opinion, physics is a kind of subject that full of logic and interesting, and I think learning physics can make people thinking or doing their works logically. Then I heard that you like draw some landscapes, as I am really interested in taking photos of different places, maybe I can provide you some sources for you to paint if you want.Hoping to be your friend, and wish you have nice life in OSU!

  6. hi, my name is Ming Da, Yu and you can call me William and i will study economics at Ohio State University. According to your introduction video, i notice that you are interest in play football, i’m glad hear that we have the same interest and my favorite football club is Real Madrid because of the Cristiano Ronaldo which my most favorite football super star. what’s more i notice your major is physics, i think you are a clever boy because physics have plenty of formulas and calculates.

  7. Nice to meed you Xuanzhi! My name is Irene Wang, I’m from Fisher college. It’s so interesting to hear that you are from Physics major and you’re confident with your academic ability. From what I know, the Physics major in our university is really famous and we have plenty of good instructors. Hope you can learn more in the future. Also, I’m glad to hear that you like football because I’m interested in football too!

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