Undergraduate Assistants Hiring

I am looking for undergraduate assistants majoring in electrical engineering and/or mechanical engineering all year around. You will be learning and helping with my research projects at the same time.  Research work includes things like simple circuit design, computer simulations, lab testing, engineering drawings, and editing papers and reports. Please DO NOT worry if you do not have any research experience. You will start from small simple things and grow stronger.

Payment: Undergraduate assistants will be hired by hourly appointments following the university wage policies

Hourly rate level 1: $11, level 2: $12, level 3: $13, level 4: $14.

Excellent undergraduate research assistants who continue their graduate study with me will receive one of the following three types of funding: 1) University Fellowships, 2) graduate research assistantships, or 3) graduate teaching assistantships. All three types of financial support fully cover the tuition and a monthly stipend of $2,400 minimum (higher stipend for University Fellowships).

For undergraduate assistant applicants, if you are interested in working with me or have questions, please email me with your resume and advising report (unofficial transcripts) and your questions.


Graduate Research Assistants Hiring Autumn 2024

Graduate study applicants with their B.S. degrees are highly encouraged to apply for the Ph.D. program if you have a strong interest in power engineering. Please DO NOT worry that you do not have an M.S. degree.  I am looking for applicants who have been taking some classes or research experience in one or more of the following areas:

1)   Power engineering: power electronics, electric machines, drives, power systems, high voltage engineering.

2)   Mechanical engineering: statics and dynamics, mechanics of materials, thermodynamics, heat transfer, manufacturing processing engineering, kinematics, and mechanism design.

For graduate program applicants (Ph.D. or M.S. program), if you are interested in working with me or have questions, please email me with the following info and your questions.

–       Resume

–       All advising reports (unofficial transcripts) or all official transcripts.

–       GRE scores

–       TOEFL score is required for all international applicants