Week 4

Normal (Dissolve): I used this mode to learn about what blending does to a photo. This mode edits the transparency of the layer and does this by removing or adding in existing pixels which creates a very chalky image.

Lighten: I used this mode to subtract most of the black color that was consuming the picture of the trees. This allowed for the very lightly colored background landscape to show through over the tops of the trees. This allowed for the 2 images to be seen at once, but only certain components of each image, the lighter sections.

Darken (Colorburn): There was no intended purpose with the use of this blend as the result is not very beneficial but still unique and interesting to look at. The colorburn blend which is a part of the Darken family maximized the heavily saturated areas of each image such as the orange and red cliffs and the very dark sections of the trees.

Contrast (Pin Light): I used this blend mode to in a sense merge the two images and use the foreground of the tree picture and the amazing background of the landscape picture. The Pin Light mode allowed for pixels lighter than the blend color to stay, while pixels darker than the blend color were replaced by the blend color its self.

Comparative (Subtract): This mode darkened the image by a massive amount and let the colors of the landscape grow vibrant and bright but only through the spots of the trees that used to have white covering them. This is a very cool blend mode and creates for an interesting image.

Color (Luminosity): This tool accentuated the portions of each layer that were very bright and lightly colored. This created somewhat of an overlay for the two pictures as the bright portions of each picture showed through and created a combined image of some sort.


Week 2B

When editing this photo, the goal was to remove the girls freckles and tattoos without damaging her skin and other physical features. This was very difficult for me as I still don’t know how to completely remove those features seamlessly. The healing brush tool was my favorite because of the ease of use. The clone stamp tool seemed to help a little bit but the tool its self is just so tedious and fragile that it was only useful in smaller areas. Overall this edit gave me a lot of trouble and was mainly just frustrating.

Week 2A

My experience with editing the “Lava Field” picture went smoothly. I used a multitude of tools to edit, rotate, and reconfigure portions of outside pictures in order to fit them into the scene. I wanted to incorporate having a person in the scene so that there was an object of interest or center point to the picture.