Jumping into Mirror Lake

The Provost just sent out a message saying that this year the annual jump (shove??) into Mirror Lake after the “Beat Michigan” rally will be more controlled than usual with only people with official wrist bands allowed into the lake area.    For some people (like parents) jumping into Mirror Lake is tough to understand.  Mirror Lake is cold and filthy.  Plus, the weather tomorrow is supposed to be rotten.  Many people who jump in will be cold and miserable after doing it.

If you are going to jump in I offer two pieces of advice.  First, spend one minute thinking about the small stuff.  One of my children went to a semi-organized event, similar to the jump into Mirror Lake.  The big difference was that instead of a lake it was a partially frozen river.  The organizers promised lots of free hot coffee and hot chocolate (plus beer) to anyone who jumped in.  The organizers were true to their word and brought giant containers of very hot drinks.  Unfortunately, they forgot about bringing cups so no one was able to drink anything to warm up.   One minute of checking for the small but important stuff can be all the difference between having fun tomorrow and not.

Second, don’t tell your parents until after you do it.

Go Bucks!!

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