About Me

I am an Electrical Engineering Major at The Ohio State University and plan to complete my degree by spring 2022. I am a part of The Ohio State University Eminence Fellowship. I am originally from Marion, Ohio and graduated from Pleasant High School in 2018.

I am not yet sure which area of Electrical Engineering I would like to specialize in, but I am excited to start gaining experience through co-ops, internships, and research opportunities. After graduation, I plan to pursue a PhD and eventually become a researcher for the government or private industry.

Year in review 2020-2021

I am proud of all of my accomplishments this year. In the fall, I took ECE 5200 Intro to Digital Signal Processing. This course expanded my knowledge about digital signals and systems. It also taught me about filter design. Also in the fall semester, I took CSE 5524 Computer Vision. In this computer vision course, I learned a number of image processing techniques that may be useful in my future work. The rest of my credit hours for fall semester were filled with research credits.

In the spring semester, I took 3 courses: ECE 5011 Antennas, ECE 5206 Medical Imaging, and ECE 6202 Stochastic Signal Processing. My antennas course taught me basic antenna design and properties. In my medical imaging course, we learned about the physics and mathematics that are used to create medical images. We covered computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and ultrasound. This course had a term paper rather than an exam. My term paper allowed me to explore the topic of magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and how it is used to diagnose diseases. In ECE 6202 I learned how to formulate and signal processing problems using linear algebra.

This year, I successfully completed and defended my undergraduate honors research thesis with the help of Dr. Jim Davis. Undergraduate research improved my problem solving and technical writing abilities.