My Study and My life


This is the prairie of Tibet. (This picture comes from

My name is Hao Yuan. I was born in Chengdu Sichuan China. Although where I was born is normally the Han Chinese, I am a true Tibetan. My family came to Chengdu for a better education. For this reason, I lived in Chengdu for almost 15 years. But I have to admit, Chengdu and my hometown Xizang are both wonderful places. The former has plentiful historic sites, and the latter occupies a huge amount of grassland. Since I always travel between those two places, I realize how cheerful traveling is. Thus, travel becomes my interest. From the tiny place of my country, and the remote foreign country, I learned a lot through my travel experiences. And now, I came to the United States for study, one of the countries I used to travel to. I believe learning in the U.S can provide me incredible journey.


  This picture is my achievement of video making. (Hao yuan 2021,

I study at Summit international school, a high school that has been with me for three years. High school kids always put their all attention on the study. However, I do have some interesting accomplishments. I used to make videos on the internet. I made nearly 10K fans on my channel. It was not a big number, but I learned a lot from that experience. Creation made me truly happy. I loved the process of recording my beautiful daily life and editing it into a nice and exquisite video. However, because of my heavy study work, I had to give up the creation of the video. Recently, I plan to restart video production. And this time, no matter how busy I am, I will maintain it. I believe video making can provide me more incredible achievements and challenges.


My plan for College Life

The brand of The Ohio State University (This picture comes from

The Ohio State University is a wonderful university. It has a wonderful business school and I am trying to get into this business school. Meanwhile, Ohio State is a quiet place where I can focus on my study. In freshman year, I will complete my university general education courses. Then, in sophomore year, I will try my best to join the Business school of OSU. Simultaneously, I will try to make friends, fully integrated into the community!