Personal Profile

From our instagram account ‘Changshago’

Firstly, let me talk about myself. My name is Yuan Lilan. I’m sociology major, from Changsha, Hunan, China. You may not be familiar with the city, that is great because i will show you how beautiful and passionate the city is from my perspective. At a first glance, things  appeared to be plain in this little city compare with the state of things in some famous cities such like Shenzhen and Beijing. When you live in the city, every thing is so lovely. People easily get involved in daily work, feeling no much pressure and as others who live in prosperous city. Everyday has surprises, flavorful foods, milk tea and street bands, and you just need to go through the walking street and find every thing you want for relax. It is hard to describe the wonderful city using only words, therefore my friends and i get together to create the team ‘ChangshaGo’, and we want people know ing our city better. 




My pet corgi “Dafu” Lilan Yuan, 2017

Next, about my family. I have three family members, my parents and a little brother. We are no big family but it is enough for all of us to feel the sense of belonging. I am kind of introversive just like my mother, and talking to strangers is a real challenge for me. If you are interested in computer game like League of legends, Overwatch, CS:GO or others, I am glad to know you as well.

I finished my senior and high school education in the famous school in Changsha. i spend six years of my life in the same school, so there are lots of memory that i want to cherish. i can still image my teacher and classmates sitting and talking in classroom, and my friend was sleeping beside. The time never back that why they valuable. After class, my friend will get together, playing mobile games, and running away when teacher found us, because Chinese high school usually don’t allow student using telephone in school. 



Obama, Barack was giving a lecture.

Compared with other university, OSU is the most attractive one. there is  a website named ZhiHu, a online community that people can discuss any problem, therefore i searched for OSU and saw a lots of positive comments on OSU. The passion and activities of OSU attract my attention, and i think all people here are friendly and believe that i will easily get involved in the large community. Surely, the most important standard of a school is educational resource, beside OSU fulfill all things that i was seeking for. Why not OSU? In the next 4 years, i plan to finish all courses best and hopefully i can get the chance to study in Japan as a exchange student. Before i decided to study in U.S., i wished i can go to Japan, and i think i should continue my study of Japanese. For some sakes i don’t choose to go to Japan’s university but still that is my target now.