Professionalism Brainstorm

Consistently demonstrate compassion, respect, honesty, integrity, accountability, altruism, prudence, social justice, and a commitment to excellence in all professional and personal responsibilities.

One artifact can be the email from Dr. Fernandez where he praised my professionalism. I can talk about my leadership activities here (which weren’t mentioned in the Interpersonal Communication section) as well as a different perspective on my research training.

Patient Care Brainstorm

Understand the role of disease prevention and health promotion in relation to individual patients and/or populations and utilize these principles in clinical encounters.

I would like to talk about my experience with Pelotonia. I was a Pelotonia Research Fellowship recipient from 2016-2017. I rode three times- 50 miles in 2015, 100 miles in 2016, and 180 miles in 2017. I am co-captain of the Spin Doctor Peloton (Medical Students). Engaging in Pelotonia has provided important perspective for disease prevention and health promotion in populations. My artifact(s) can be many pictures that I took from the rides.