Professionalism Brainstorm

Consistently demonstrate compassion, respect, honesty, integrity, accountability, altruism, prudence, social justice, and a commitment to excellence in all professional and personal responsibilities.

One artifact can be the email from Dr. Fernandez where he praised my professionalism. I can talk about my leadership activities here (which weren’t mentioned in the Interpersonal Communication section) as well as a different perspective on my research training.

Medical Knowledge and Skills Brainstorm

Understand the clinical relevance of scientific inquiry and demonstrate the ability to evaluate emerging knowledge and research as it applies to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

I have taken two years for dedicated research training between my third and fourth years of medical school. During this time, I developed my critical thinking, problem solving, and presentation skills. When I returned to clinical rotations during fourth year, I found that my research training had actually made me a stronger clinician. Rather than memorizing diagnostic criteria and management plans, I sought deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind pathophysiology and the mechanisms of action for each therapeutic that I ordered for patients. Additionally, the organization and critical thinking skills from research time translated into being able to swiftly and logically organize problem lists and treatment plans.

National Abstract Competition Winner and Oral Presentation at American College of Physicians Annual Meeting at San Diego, CA in 2017.

Landacre Honor Society Induction, 2017.

2017-2018 winner of Alpha Omega Alpha Carolyn L. Kuckein Student Research Fellowship.

Patient Care Brainstorm

Understand the role of disease prevention and health promotion in relation to individual patients and/or populations and utilize these principles in clinical encounters.

I would like to talk about my experience with Pelotonia. I was a Pelotonia Research Fellowship recipient from 2016-2017. I rode three times- 50 miles in 2015, 100 miles in 2016, and 180 miles in 2017. I am co-captain of the Spin Doctor Peloton (Medical Students). Engaging in Pelotonia has provided important perspective for disease prevention and health promotion in populations. My artifact(s) can be many pictures that I took from the rides.