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Senior User Experience Designer

Work place for UX designer

Work place for UX designer

In my opinion, I think that this job may be suitable for me. Although my intended major is Electronic and Computer Engineering(ECE) which is not related to Senior User Experience Designer so much, the tasks for this job attracted me. The designer not only needs know web application design, PC application design, and usability which may conclude in ECE, but also have to be the leader of a team with many kinds of people which need ability to manage the team and enhance the relationship between the team members. This job connects customer satisfaction with ideas of product engineers. Although Senior User Experience Designers always need at least one a bachelor’s degree in design, human-computer interaction, cognitive science, or a related field, the salary at first 5 years’ career is around $93K which is pretty high and will increase when the time of career gets longer. According to the data I searched, the satisfaction of this job is extremely high which I concern more than salary. However, the biggest problem is the requirement for this career is strictly. If I really want to choose Senior User Experience Designer as my career, I have to work harder.





Architectural Designer

Designing work for Architectural Designer

Designing work for Architectural Designer

Apparently, this job cannot attract me very much, because I am not interested in architecture. Also my major ECE is quite different from Architectural designer. The tasks for this job are communicating with the clients to see their budget and preference and then doing research at the field. After acknowledge what clients needed, Architectural designer has to work with engineers which makes me feel interested because I like to work with many people and do one task corporately, also this is the reason why some architectural designers feel satisfy when they doing this job. However, I am not good at making a draft for the architect. Even until now I still cannot paint and draw very well. To be a good architectural designer, he or she has to be loyal to their design which requires designer to check the projects often. The salary for this job is around $53K and the requirement for architectural designer is a college degree in architecture and the experience about doing in the field. The satisfaction for this career is at normal. Some architectural designers think that studios are comfortable and the team members are really nice. However, the work hour for designing is very long and many designers may feel stressful because there are often more than one tasks to do at the same time. I am the person who think the satisfaction is much more important than salary. As a result, I would not prefer to choose Architectural designer as my career.





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8 thoughts on “Photo Reflection

  1. Hi Zhuowei Yu,

    It is interesting to know about this job : Senior User Experience Designer. This is my first time to hear that. As you have mentioned, this job requires a great leadership because you need to lead your colleagues in order to complete every task. To be a leader, there is no shortcut to achieving that position. So, just like what you have said, work hard is all that you need.

  2. Hello, Zhuowei, Yu. First of all, I think that the summary of the senior user experience designer is comprehensive. From your introduce, I can know all things about senior user experience designer. For example, the salary of this job is pretty high and satisfaction of this job is also high. Besides these, I find that just like me, you also think that the satisfaction of a job is more important than the salary.
    About your second job, I have to say that my favorite job is architecture designer. Because I like designing and drawing, especially for buildings. But I am convinced by your reasons that why you does not like architecture designer.

    Finally, I also like the way that you want to work, which is to do the teamwork. From your preference, I think that you are a easy going person.

  3. Hi, David!
    After reading your description of the job you are recommended, I can completely understand the conception of your job and your own perception about the first job that according to abilities of unique and filled up the huge innovation and leadership. From your own point, I can realize your large eager to getting a job relates to the huge confident and leadership. Also, I am glad that you are satisfied in the salary of the job which means you can earn enough money at the same time that you also can work as your interest.
    Sincerely hope you will acquire an approving job in the future!

  4. Hi, David:
    I have similar job choices with you, all of them are related with design and one is interior design. I think you probably want your future job closer to your current major and interests so all of them are not fit you. I like your images on your page, which are attractive and easy to understand. Probably you can add more your thinking in this article. What’s more, I have similar point with you that satisfaction is more important than salary.

  5. Hi Zhuowei:
    You did a great job! You have introduced two jobs that most fit you, and I could tell that your intended job is designer. You have analyzed the two jobs from basic information, salary, satisfaction, etc. And your photos represented the two jobs very well.
    There are two suggestions I would like to give you. First, the passage will looks better if you can write in several paragraphs based on which question you are answering. Second, you may need to add a summary after finish introducing the two jobs, it can be compare and contrast of the two jobs. I believe that you can do better in the future.

  6. Hi Zhuowei,
    One thing really interesting that I am totally opposite of you, an architectural designer is my dream job! Anyway, I think you did a really good job. And you consider lots of facts and choose the job which is more comfortable to you. Senior user experience designer is a job that requires numerous abilities, like communicating with colleagues, interpreting customers need, and transforming the abstract through into the visual product. I think it will be a good experience for you to take an internship in related industry. Also, don’t concern too much about the intended major, because once you master a subject, you will eventually realize the correlation and specialty among occupations are coherent and inseparable. Wish you the Best.

  7. Helo, Zhuowei! Due to what you said, architectural designer might not be a good choice for you. However, senior user experience designer sounds like a very interesting jobs and also kind of fit what you want to study on. It must be fun to consider what will the user like and what will make their experience bad. Hope you explore more on your future career and have a satisfy job.

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