Group Project

What should college students be aware of?

Living in campus will meet many problems and allures like drugs and alcohol, fraternizing between men and women, communication with strangers and how to live in the campus. They confuse many of campus students when they just come to university as freshmen. As a result, we made this movie to make you aware of these things and do the good job in the university.

Group Member: Blair Shao, Manxi Gao, Zhuowei Yu, Mohammad Zulfariz Bin Zainon

5 thoughts on “Group Project

  1. Your group provide a lot of information about the issue about students’ safety. It is very necessary for every student during their college life. Furthermore, I agree with that students should not touch alcohol frequently.

  2. Hi David,
    your group shows me a lot of information about college safety, bad influence of drugs and alcohol and how to live better in college. Through watching your video, I learned what should we do to keep ourselves safety, such as we should ” run, hide, fight” when we face some emergency situation; we need to avoid drugs and alcohol which will take huge trouble to our brain, psychology and finance; and we need to ask for help when we face troubles which is a useful way for us to enjoy our college life. Your group did a good job!

  3. Hi, zhuowei
    Your group’s topic and tips are very useful for students. And I can see through your video that your group did a lot of work on it. You gave us many information that help us how to be safety when things happened. Besides the image. I like your video and your group did a good job!

  4. Hi, David!
    Nice to see your group work video.
    The topic you guys talking about is useful and helpful for the living on-campus students and especially the international students, and the information you focused on and shared with is completed and knowledgeable. The consequence of the video include many of kinds ways and you guys just did an awesome job!

  5. Hi Zhuowei Yu. Your movie’s topic is really attractive since other groups are mostly talked about the differences between countries. The safety information and tips are pretty helpful. Especially the Holiday and Vacation Tips, since the holiday is coming and many student will go out for a trip and how to have a safe trip is really important.

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