Interview answer

After I interview the pro basketball player I really learned a lot from him, his mentality is touched me. As a player he tought me a lot basketball skills and as a man he also tought me how to become a man with a good heart and carry responsbility in life.

annotated bibliography

Laura’s presentation difinately affect my university work, the patient and caefuly, detail she use into her homework is surprised me. I never do work like her that way, I just do it for turn in and get a good grade but never review it and sutdy again the knowledge. I should keep working like her and get closer and closer be a hard working student in future.

My 10 interview question

The first question I want to ask a basketball expert is when you find you can bcome a pro, second is when you find out you can play for NBA after become a pro, third is what is the biggest different when you young compare to others? Fourth: who is your favorate plaer? Fivth: why is he become your favorate player? Sixth: who is the most helpful to you on your path to pro? Seventh: what suggestion you have to the kid who like to play for basketball? Eigth:what is your signiture movement? Nieth: what is your favortae play in NBA? Ten: play for country or play for team?

Expert interview

My bolg today is interview of a professional basketball player, he play at CBA the china basketball aosication. His career is a legendary story, he lead the chineses basktball team get into top 8 in the world game and kill the game at last 5 second, that is our memory forever. I asked him how to get in to CBA like him, he say we have to consistant every day to wrok on our skill and techinque, shooting , handling ball, and lay up. We need work on our body first, have a strong body is the first step to CBA and can beat many lover.  You can tell who is the pro by looking thier muscal.