Get Involved


Well hi there! If you’ve clicked on this page I’m going to have to assume that means you’d like to get involved with our programming! Huzzah! Do you have a:  teacher, relative, friend, employer, employee or mentor who you think would make a good interviewer? Well we would love to hear from you (and them)!

We would also like to hear from your youth group and community organizations! Are you a musician? A writer? Part of a 4H group? Member of an environmental club? Let us hear about it! We’d love to interview you and help you get some well deserved recognition! We’ll even consider putting your original art on the show (so long as it’s auditory of course)! Currently, we are covering activities and events in the Columbus, Ohio area but we hope to include other areas of the state in the future.

If you would like to learn more about an organization or special topic discussed on the show, please contact us via e-mail at