Year in Review

Reflecting on my first full year here at Ohio State I am amazed by how quickly the semesters have gone. At the beginning of each semester I was always worried. Worried about how a certain class would go or if I would ever be able to keep up with the course load. Looking back on both semesters I am lucky enough to say that I not only survived them both, but also, in my eyes, succeeded. Neither were perfect, as both semesters presented obstacles and weekly struggles that I faced, but I always managed to get through them. As I prepare to return home for the summer I am thankful for how much my first year has taught me. Along with the knowledge gained in topics I care about I am also able to walk away, for the summer, with the confidence in myself to return in the fall for another year. This confidence comes from the struggles and obstacles I overcame this year, that showed me just how hard college can be at times. I have learned that here at Ohio State I have the resources and support to overcome my obstacles, while taking in the knowledge I need to better myself every day.

Looking forward to next year, I hope to get even more involved with the community at Ohio State in order to have a positive impact on those who have helped me to be successful so far throughout my time here on campus.

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This past February I had the chance to participate in my very first BuckeyeThon, here at Ohio State. After a few months of fundraising this event was well worth the wait. The chance to spend a total of twelve hours on my feet, for the kids, was a memorable and uplifting experience. Although the night was tiring, it was easy to get through as I had my fellow Mount Scholars beside me. The event itself was a lot more than I expected, in more ways than one. The amount of hard work that went into organizing the event was incredible and I am so grateful to have peers who willingly dedicated hours to the planning of it. As I left the event the following morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about how grateful I was to have a community around me who is willing to step up to raise awareness and money for such an important cause. All the kids smiling faces as they ran down the middle of the Ohio Union at the start of the event is something I carry with me everyday, as I continue my journey here at Ohio State. And I hope that my peers have the same opportunity to experience such a great event during their time here at Ohio State, if they haven’t already.

Semester in Review

Reflecting on my first full semester here at Ohio State, I can tell that I made the right decision. Although there were times of difficulty and adjustment, I always managed to get through. I met a large amount of people with the same passions and interests as myself, in which I easily formed a bond with. This bond was what helped me get through some of my more challenging courses, as having others to lean on proved to be invaluable. As a student, I quickly realized how much more difficult my courses would be here at Ohio State, but coupled with that, I realized how much more I would enjoy learning the material. The course load, did at times, get stressful but one of the most important things I learned was the positive outcome of taking things on one at a time. Looking into next semester, here at Ohio State, I will be challenging myself to step more outside my comfort zone. By joining another club or even meeting new people, I will be deepening my roots here at OSU and in the end, making it a better experience overall.

1st Semester

As my first semester here at The Ohio State University begins to wrap up, I reflect on the moments where I felt most proud. Although the semester has not been easy in any means, I do believe it has been worth it. The picture above represents the buckeye community that I have grown apart of and one that I have looked to for guidance during challenging times this semester. Attending one of my first Ohio State games as a member of this community meant a lot. It helped me to put certain academic obstacles I had faced into perspective and celebrate the small successes within them. This moment, of attending a football game with friends, helped me to recognize how important it is to have a community to lean on and fellow buckeyes to celebrate with.

1st Semester


As a Mount Scholars member I was able to meet these great individuals my first few weeks of school, here at Ohio State. Although I have not been here long, having these friends to lean on during this transition has made all the difference. As classes start to pick up, and we all get into our own routines it is comforting to know that I can come back to these smiling faces every evening. Meeting my fellow mounties and getting to know each of them has truly made me feel like a member of the buckeye community. This short amount of time I have spent at Ohio State has proven that I did, in fact, find my home away from home and I can not wait to grow even closer with my peers in the years to come.

About Me

George Young is a freshman at The Ohio State University and is involved in Mount Leadership Society. He will be majoring in Landscape Architecture and intends to minor in City and Regional Planning. George is from Lakewood, Ohio a small suburb of Cleveland and has lived there his whole life. In his free time he enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and any outdoor activity. During his middle school and high school years he was involved in local service organizations, student government and swim team. Being engaged in his community and helping others has always been a passion of his and he plans to continue such involvement in his new community at Ohio State.

Year in Review

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