Web-Enhanced Listening and Viewing Strategies Blog Post

One idea that inspired me from this module was what the second blog post circled around. Watching videos about the topics I am learning about is a great start to help me better understand whatever we are learning about. Even if the video isn’t about the exact topic we discuss in class, leaning more in the field is always helpful and can always help you to better understand what is going on overall. Getting more commutable with any topic is great, especially if it something you are currently learning about it is a great skill to be comfortable with the material. Watching videos is man easy way to expose yourself to more on a topic without having to do much besides sitting and watching but I think it would also be great to that this idea of just watching videos and tuning it into more. Creating or participating in activities relating to what you’re learning or even just going out and trying to see your topic in the real world will help you be more comfortable and confident in knowing things about a subject. For example, I am taking a class about the geology of national parks so I like to watch videos about that national parks. I have been to many national parks and using that experience also helps me feel more comfortable with the subject. Something I would like to try to also help me in this class is to go out and try to identify rock types in nature so I can learn to identify them for tests.

Communicating and Collaborating

One thing that I learned a lot of in this module was about netiquette. This is an important topic especially right now, where so much, even more than usual, all or most of out communication with people is digitally. Netiquette refers to etiquette on the internet (the net) and how we should be treating others through digital communication. Something that I have put into practice was creating an email signature that goes at the bottom of every email I will send. It gives important information such as my name and contact information. Once I grow and get a job, I can put my position title and other information there. This helps people be able to find the things they need to know about you all in one place. I would give advice that using good netiquette is very important, especially in this day and age where many of the people we interact with may be fully online and we may never even meet in person. Because of this it is extremely important to know netiquette and now how to effectively communicate online. This is the link to the video we watched that we’re attached to our class slides about netiquette. UCz7gM4XmSZmL3vwRkUkb7UA¬†