Final Blog Post (Module 7)

As I write my final blog post, I will be reflecting on all of the tips and tricks I have learned throughout the last seven weeks!

Throughout this course I have learned about technology, online tools and online resources.  I learned that technology is way more than what you think it is.  Any information we could ever need, we could use technology and find it within seconds.  This concept is incredible because we have so much information at the tip of our fingers every second of the day.  Using this technology is fun to interact with friends, but it is also a very helpful tool for studying and projects.  Some of these tools and resources include Sparknotes, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and many others.  It does not matter whether you need help citing your paper, tips on your research paper, a refresher on a topic you do not understand, or just some flashcards, you can find something online to assist for any need!

During this course I learned a lot about myself.  I have never been one to motivate myself and I know this, but during the course I learned that by using motivation I will get a lot more work accomplished.  I would always put off all of my work until the last minute or forget about projects, so I decided to implement a new activity this semester to fix that problem.  I began making a weekly to-do list with the activity/assignment and the day that it was due.  This helped me tremendously because I was able to see all of the work that needed done that week so I could budget my time wisely to have adequate time to finish all of the activities.

My most meaningful experience in this course was the time assessment activity that we did.  I honestly thought that I spent my time wisely and studied a lot, but in reality I was wasting a lot of time on unneeded activities.  This was a huge eye opener for me because I finally realized that I need to start spending more time on my studies and less hanging out with friends and watching TV.  This was very meaningful to me because it helped me to realize that time management is a huge issue and I need to definitely us it to make better use of my time.

I learned so many skills in this class I will definitely use them in the future!  I learned so much about searching online and making sure resources are authentic and contain correct information and this is a huge help because when writing a paper, you want to make sure that your information is genuine and not fake.  I also learned how to use multiple campus resources including the online library to locate books.  This is extremely helpful and that will be information I will be able to use for the rest of my time at Ohio State.

This class contained so much useful information that I can not even begin to touch everything.  Please refer back to my other posts with some tips and tricks I learned, and thank you for reading my blog!