Long division can be easy! (Module 5)

Check this out:

This video describes the basics of long division!  I know this may seem like elementary work, but do you honestly remember how to long divide?  Sometimes it is necessary on a test if you don’t have a calculator!  In the video you are being taught that long division is the same as basic division, just in multiple steps! Once you divide the first number and get a remainder, you bring down the next number and repeat the same steps until you no longer have any numbers left to bring down.

This is a very basic topic, but it is something everyone needs to know how to do.  It has been so long since we have all learned it, it is a good idea to get a refresher on it because we will probably all be doing some math throughout our life.  This 10 minute video is definitely a good tool because the man does a very good job explaining the topic, and the arrows and different signs really help to visualize what you are actually doing.

One thought on “Long division can be easy! (Module 5)

  1. Very fun video on a pretty boring topic! This video is a good resource for a visual learner since you can see exactly how to process a long division problem step by step and with clear visual and verbal instructions. Also, the host does a good job of keeping you engaged.

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