Do I Actually Have to Talk During my Online Class? (Module 3)

You may think that taking an online class will be easier because you don’t have to communicate with any people, but you are completely wrong.  It might actually be harder to than an actual in-person class.  Why, you may ask! With an online class, to reach out to any classmates or professors, you must use email.  When using email, you must be careful to not come off the the wrong way.  You have to be polite and professional.  You really have to make your first impression a good one, and that can go wrong if you are not good at communicating through text.

If you think that is bad, it gets worse! Imagine trying to complete an online group project.  Don’t get me wrong, this is completely doable, and it can be as easy as you make it, but it is a lot of work.  You must find a time when all partners can do a group chat or a group IM. If you are doing a project with many partners, this may be difficult! Once in this group chat, you have to listen to everyones ideas, and also state your own without being overpowering.  You must address specific people with questions, and hope that your question gets answered in a timely manner.

I hope I did not scare anyone too much because online classes are really a good opportunity if you do not have time to actually attend an in person class.  It is also very easy to communicate with students and professors, you just have to approach them the correct way without being unprofessional or overpowering.

Goodluck with your next online class! You will do great!

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