Restorative Vinyassa Yoga

Yoga is recognized by the National Institutes of Health as being one of the top 10 evidence-based complimentary health approaches to address serious problems such as depression, lower back pain, and hypertension. As a holistic mind-body practice, yoga combines physical activity with breath-focused mindfulness techniques.

Experienced yoga instructor, Geetha Sampathkumar has volunteered to lead lunchtime yoga classes that combine traditional hatha (physical yoga postures) and vinyasa (a flowing sequence in which movements are coordinated with breath). The classes are appropriate for everyone, as adjustments are recommended to students based on their own needs and comfort levels.

Geetha’s Purpose Statement:

“I, Geetha Sampathkumar, teach traditional Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga. I have been doing yoga most of my life, and for me it is important that I provide students with the same breadth of training that they would receiving from a well-known brand name Yoga studio. My teachings are based on “Dhaya” or compassion. Compassion for oneself and compassion for others would be constantly present in all of my asana sequences. My methods are uniquely suited for anyone willing to explore the path of True Yoga. I emphasize on strong mind/body connection and look forward to sharing my philosophy with open minded and curious people from all walks of life. I strive to counter everyday habits that-are stressful and bring balance and harmony in people’s lives.

After attending my classes my students will leave with appreciation for this scientifically proven ancient art, feeling uplifted, and vibrant. They will also experience enhanced self-esteem and undergo personal transformation.

Yoga is oftentimes misunderstood to be a light stretching workout routine rather than a lifestyle choice. I am hoping to change that perception and introduce many new people to yoga.

As a compliment to my Flow Yoga classes, I plan to introduce Restorative Yoga, a therapeutic practice, aimed at people who are looking for the benefits of yoga to seek relief from chronic stress but are driven away by the physical activity aspects due to physical limitations.”

Classes are held at noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please RSVP to Geetha at and email her the liability waiver to register to receive the Zoom meeting link and password.

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