Pelotonia Fellowship Symposium

Pelotonia postdoctoral fellowship award winner Laura Baltierra-Jasso, PhD, will present a poster at the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center Pelotonia Fellowship Symposium. Congratulations again on your fellowship, Laura!

New lab photo

It’s time for a new lab photo!

Front row (L to R): Laura Baltierra Jasso, Kristine Yoder, Anne Gardner, Naniel Woode

Back row (L to R): Ryan Messer, Nathan Jones, Yow Yong Tan, James London, Ryan Smith, OSU stadium (Go Bucks!)


October 11-13, 2019: First Midwest Virology Symposium

This weekend OSU hosted the first Midwest Virology Symposium. The symposium enticed scientists from over 30 institutions to participate. Kristine Yoder spoke about the lab’s single molecule studies of retroviral intasomes. Laura Baltierra Jasso presented her work in MMTV intasomes as a poster. Organizers Shan-Lu Liu and Jacob Yount created a new, successful, highly informative meeting.