Great job, Ryan!

Undergraduate student researcher Ryan Messer (OSU Class of 2019) presented his research in a poster at the OSU Fall Undergraduate Research Forum on September 14. The title of Ryan’s poster was “Expression and purification of nuclease free Protocatechuate 3,4-Dioxygenase for prolonged single-molecule fluorescence observations”. Ryan has been a great addition to the lab. He’s successfully induced a variety of human, bacterial, and viral proteins. In this work, Ryan induced and participated in purifying the bacterial protein PCD. The PCD enzyme is important for increasing the lifetime of fluorophores during single molecule experiments. Ryan worked with postdoctoral fellow Gayan Senavirathne to identify and remove a contaminating bacterial DNA nuclease and then characterize the activity of the PCD protein. The contaminating nuclease is especially troubling during single molecule experiments of DNA repair proteins or retroviral integrase. Ryan has found that his PCD protein is highly active and free of nuclease activity. Great job at the poster forum and this past summer in the lab, Ryan!

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