Hello! I received my PhD in modern Japanese literature in May 2018 from the Department of East Asian Languages and literatures (DEALL). My doctoral dissertation is titled “Building a Literary Bridge and Reconstructing Culture in Postwar Japan: Takeda Taijun and His Chūgoku Mono (China-related Writings).” My advisor is Professor Richard Torrance. I received my BA in Japanese language from China Foreign Affairs University in 2008 and an MA in East Asian Studies from The Ohio State University in 2011. My MA thesis is titled “Sakaguchi Ango’s Conceptualizations of the Function of Literature in the Postwar Era.”

My primary research interest is modern Japanese literature and culture, especially in the postwar period. My doctoral dissertation addresses issues regarding Takeda Taijun and postwar literary exchanges between Japan and China. I am also interested in Japanese colonial literature, translation theory, and Japanese films and TV dramas.

I have worked as a language instructor since 2012 and have taught elementary-level Japanese language courses, elementary- and intermediate-level Chinese courses and East Asian culture course. I am especially interested in developing multimedia resources to be used in teaching language, culture and literature courses.

Please visit the “Conferences”, “Publications” and “Teaching” pages for more details of my research and teaching experience.