Top 5 Academic Tips I’ve Learned

  1. Understand Yourself – Understanding yourself really means to know your own academic strengths and weaknesses. Choose a major that you will like so that you enjoy learning the material. Picking a major that you don’t like can result in slacking and lose of interest which will hurt your grades. Find a major that is manageable work wise, don’t get yourself stuck in a situation that you cannot handle. If you understand yourself and know what you are capable of doing, you will able to choose your perfect major.
  2. Utilize every class – Take notes, talk to your classmates and get to know your professor. Being engaged in class will you keep you up to date on the material and make it much easier than trying to recover from skipping class or not paying attention. Ask your professor questions if you don’t understand the content and ask your classmates for suggestions on how their understanding the content.
  3. Study Daily – Review your notes at least once a day to build up your long term memory of the material. Cramming can put you in a terrible position when tests and quizzes come around. You may forget a little equation or definition because you have not taken enough time to build up your knowledge base on the content.  Studying daily builds and increases your knowledge base for the long-term and is much more efficient than cramming information before the day of a test.
  4. Get Help when you need it – Don’t ever be scared to ask for help, it’s your education that is the most important. If you find yourself lost early in the beginning of the course, find help immediately before it is to late. This help can come from an actual tutoring session, emailing your professor or even just asking a classmate. There are many ways you can get help and you should utilize those opportunities before it becomes too late to recover.
  5. Manage your courses – Be able to manage your courses, create a schedule that will help you to stay on track and memorize your syllabus. Falling behind in one class could cause a chain reaction of falling behind in another class because you’re trying to make up for the first class. I’ve seen this happen many times before and it has even happened to me multiple times. Keep up to date with assignment deadlines so you don’t fall short of completing it or turning it in late.  Know the syllabus like the back of your hand!!!