3 Strategies for success in an online class

  1. Get Organized –  Staying organized is a big factor to staying on task. You don’t want to lose any assignments or papers because online classes usually have strict deadlines. Keep all of your school-related materials in one location. Keep all your things together in a neat and orderly fashion so you know where everything is. Create a folder on your desktop with all the course work from an online class so you’ll always know where it is. Being organized will keep you feeling prepared and confident.
  2. Locate a Suitable Work space –  Choose a place where you will be able to concentrate and complete work with no distractions. For example, don’t choose the kitchen because if you find yourself losing motivation you might make some food to keep yourself occupied which takes away time from completing your work. I’m not saying trap yourself in an empty room but choose a location that will keep you feeling relaxed and motivated. Try to situate yourself in a location that you will enjoy, and you will able to complete the most work in.
  3. Schedule your studies – Create a schedule that you will be able to follow and be realistic about it. Don’t dedicate 30 minutes to an assignment that you know might take an hour. Consider the other things you do throughout the day too so you will be able to complete your work without it interfering with your normal life. Create a schedule where you will be able to balance activities in your own personal life with the requirements that an online class demands.